Always use the listed links below ONLY!

In the past the URL/Domain of our website have changed from time to time (cause of hosting/hoster problems). This mean, that all websites that have linked us where forced to update their pages too. Actually my experinec is, that this will not happen - and so a lot of websites will just point to dead ends.

So we have registered a small domain (that is planed to exist for the next years) which will always redirect to the current location of the main website. So when you as a webmaster of a site want to ensure that you will reach our main website then you should use the provided links below.

The current URL www.emacf1.com will be the FINAL URL - So just again: In order to ensure, that you do NOT have to update your links to this site again and again in the next couple of weeks & month we prepared special linking documents which you should use when you linking from your website to OUR Site.

Here you find a complet LIST of the URL's you should use, when you want to link any Document on our Server - we promise, that you do NOT have to update any of your Documents as long as you are using the LINKS listed here:

EMACF1's Resources

The Homepage : http://www.emacf1.com/index.html
The Forum : http://www.emacf1.com/forum/index.html

EA's F1 Series : http://www.emacf1.com/f1200x/index.html
: http://www.emacf1.com/gp3/index.html
: http://www.emacf1.com/gp4/index.html

Ralph Hummerich : http://www.emacf1.com/rh/index.html
Ivo Franic : http://www.emacf1.com/ivo/index.html
Koen Calleyl : http://www.emacf1.com/koen/index.html
daHas : http://www.emacf1.com/daHas/index.html
EMAC : http://www.emacf1.com/emac/index.html

EA's F1-2001
Season 2001 preview : http://www.emacf1.com/f12001/preview2001.html
Season 2001 download : http://www.emacf1.com/f12001/download2001.html
Season 2002 preview : http://www.emacf1.com/f12001/preview2002.html
Season 2002 download : http://www.emacf1.com/f12001/download2002.html

EA's F1-2002
Season 2002 preview : http://www.emacf1.com/f12002/preview2002.html
Season 2002 download : http://www.emacf1.com/f12002/download2002.html
Season 2003 preview : http://www.emacf1.com/f12002/preview2003.html
Season 2003 download : http://www.emacf1.com/f12002/download2003.html

EA's F1Challenge '99-'02
Season '99-'02 preview : http://www.emacf1.com/f19902/preview9902.html
Season '99-'02 download : http://www.emacf1.com/f19902/download9902.html
Season 2003 preview : http://www.emacf1.com/f19902/preview2003.html
Season 2003 download : http://www.emacf1.com/f19902/download2003.html
Season 2004 preview : http://www.emacf1.com/f19902/preview2004.html
Season 2004 download : http://www.emacf1.com/f19902/download2004.html
Season 2005 preview : http://www.emacf1.com/f19902/preview2005.html
Season 2005 download : http://www.emacf1.com/f19902/download2005.html

Season 1996 prev&down : http://www.emacf1.com/gp3/1996gp3.html
Season 1997 prev&down : http://www.emacf1.com/gp3/1997gp3.html
Season 1998 prev&down : http://www.emacf1.com/gp3/1998gp3.html
Season 1999 prev&down : http://www.emacf1.com/gp3/1999gp3.html
Season 2000 preview : http://www.emacf1.com/gp3/preview2000.html
Season 2000 download : http://www.emacf1.com/gp3/download2000.html
Season 2001 preview : http://www.emacf1.com/gp3/preview2001.html
Season 2001 download : http://www.emacf1.com/gp3/download2001.html
Season 2002 preview : http://www.emacf1.com/gp3/preview2002.html
Season 2002 download : http://www.emacf1.com/gp3/download2002.html

Season 1996 prev&down : http://www.emacf1.com/gp3/1996addon.html
Season 1997 prev&down : http://www.emacf1.com/gp3/1997addon.html
Season 1998 prev&down : http://www.emacf1.com/gp3/1998addon.html
Season 1999 prev&down : http://www.emacf1.com/gp3/1999addon.html
Season 2000 preview : http://www.emacf1.com/gp3/preview2000.html
Season 2000 download : http://www.emacf1.com/gp3/2000/addon.html
Season 2001 preview : http://www.emacf1.com/gp3/preview2001.html
Season 2001 download : http://www.emacf1.com/gp3/2001/addon.html
Season 2002 preview : http://www.emacf1.com/gp3/preview2002.html
Season 2002 download : http://www.emacf1.com/gp3/2002/addon.html

Season 2002 download : http://www.emacf1.com/gp4/download2002.html

& Tools & Instructions
Tool Download
[like Driver,Team & Performance Editor, ArtTool200 or JamTool2000]
: http://www.emacf1.com/gp3/common/tools.html
Help : http://www.emacf1.com/gp3/install.html
Help : http://www.emacf1.com/gp3/install2k.html
MenuConvertionHelp : http://www.emacf1.com/gp3/how2convertmenu2k.html

Ralph Hummerich's Documents

The Homepage : http://www.emacf1.com/rh/index.html
Season 1996 : http://www.emacf1.com/rh/1996/gp3.html
Season 2000 : http://www.emacf1.com/rh/2000/gp3.html
Season 2001 : http://www.emacf1.com/rh/2000/gp3.html

Season 1996 : http://www.emacf1.com/rh/1996/addon.html
Season 2000 : http://www.emacf1.com/rh/2000/addon.html
Season 2001 : http://www.emacf1.com/rh/2001/addon.html
Season 2002 : http://www.emacf1.com/rh/2002/addon.html

Season 2002 : http://www.emacf1.com/rh/2002/gp4.html

EA's F1-2001
Season 2001 : http://www.emacf1.com/rh/2001/f12001.html
Season 2002 : http://www.emacf1.com/rh/2002/f12001.html

EA's F1-2002
Season 2002 : http://www.emacf1.com/rh/2002/f12002.html
Season 2003 : http://www.emacf1.com/rh/2003/f12002.html

EA's F1Challenge '99-'02
Season 1999 : http://www.emacf1.com/rh/1999/f19902.html
Season 2003 : http://www.emacf1.com/rh/2003/f19902.html
Season 2004 : http://www.emacf1.com/rh/2004/f19902.html
Season 2005 : http://www.emacf1.com/rh/2005/f19902.html

Season 2001 : http://www.emacf1.com/rh/2001/f1rc.html

Ivo Franic's Documents

The Homepage : http://www.emacf1.com/ivo/index.html

daHas's Documents

The Homepage : http://www.emacf1.com/daHas/index.html

Koen Calleyl's Documents

The Homepage : http://www.emacf1.com/koen/index.html

Jan Fischkorn's Documents

The Homepage : http://www.emacf1.com/jf/index.html
Season 1997 : http://www.emacf1.com/jf/1997gp3.html
Season 1998 : http://www.emacf1.com/jf/1998gp3.html
Season 1999 : http://www.emacf1.com/jf/1999gp3.html
Season 2000 : http://www.emacf1.com/jf/2000gp3.html

Season 1997 : http://www.emacf1.com/jf/1997addon.html
Season 1998 : http://www.emacf1.com/jf/1998addon.html
Season 1999 : http://www.emacf1.com/jf/1999addon.html

Momo Ichigo's Documents

The Homepage : http://www.emacf1.com/momo/index.html
Season 1997 : http://www.emacf1.com/momo/1997gp3.html
Season 2000 : http://www.emacf1.com/momo/2000gp3.html
Season 2001 : http://www.emacf1.com/momo/2001gp3.html

If you have more questions or the need of additional linking URL's, just email us.


Additional INFO:

With the new SITE we have re-arranged the complete Structure in order to be more flexible in the future. For example the Homepage of Ralph Hummerich was located at www.emac.de/rh -> which just then have redirected you to www.emac.de/gp3/designers/rh... if you have linked this "www.emac.de/gp3/designers/rh" directory, then you have some work cos now the real html-documents are stored in the root of the server [http://HOSTNAME/rh]. With that all subdirectories and documents like http://ww.emac.de/gp3/designers/rh/2002/f12001.html or http://www.emac.de/gp3/designers/rh/2001/addon.html are NOW located @ http://[HOSTNAME]/rh/[YEAR]/[DOCUMENT]. Just another example, when you have linked: www.emac.de/gp3/designers/jf/jf2000.html -> then the new URL would be: http://[HOSTNAME]/jf/jf2000.html. So the changes applies to all designers [rh/jf /momo].

Sorry for this inconvienience, but it was not my intention to shut www.emac.de instantly down :-)

As soon as www.emac.de is going to work again we will add redirections form all "main" OLD HTML-Documents to the new LOCATIONS (like http://www.emac.de/gp3/designers/rh/2002/f12001.html or http//www.emac.de/gp3/preview2002.html or http://www.emac.de/gp3/download2001.html) - but right now the DOMAIN is still dead - and Strato is moving VERY slow concerning the passing of the domain to another Hoster :-(