Hall of Shame
EMAC's unofficial List of People without Respect

Why this Page is here?

EMAC and the Designers are really pissed about these people and thinking about to quit when those people will continue - so please help us to stop them.
The MAIN point is, that these kind of people does not show any kind of RESPECT the original Designers. All what the designers are looking for is to be asked before their files will be used as the source of some new stuff - right now there a more ore less longer discussions about & with this people - but the fact is, that they refuse any kind of cooperation.

The ReadMe's of the original files could NOT be missunderstood: "It's not allowed to use this as source [modifyed or not] in your own work without the explicite permission ! [This includes the use of this file in any carset without permission.]".
Normally we would think, that this page should be obsolete, but the last year have shown that from time to time some people show up in the f1sim/mod community without any respect to the property of others. Then they will be listed here in the "Hall of Shame".

How this Page & YOU could help?

Typically the People who get listed here are going to receive a lot of email from people [like you] who does not agree with their behavior. The past have shown, that these People will quit there respect less actions very fast after they get listed here on this page - even if this is some sort of middle-aged behavior - in the absence of any other internet controlling mechanisms WE think, that this is the only possibility to protect the great Designers property.
So sooner or later these people start to think about what they did (wrong) - and often excuse themself and start to show respect to the property of other Designers or Webmasters.

The Hall of Shame:

Date what's they did... Status contact
09 Oct 05 I ask myself: "should I be surprised ?" - well actually not - for sure Mr. Pollini have announced at m4driving that www.f1FullSim.com Crew have released the first beta of '2004RH Imola' (a convertion from F1C99-02 to rFactor)... Well the announcement is even worse:
FullSim staff has become the conversion of some tracks from F1 Challenge RH 2004 to RFactor...
Fore SURE they doe NOT have any permission (or at least have even asked us) - M4D is really a PAIN in the ASS - and all users will have to live with the consequences of this unacceptable behaviour.
In the meantime I had the chance to speak with a www.f1FullSim.com member - It was very interessting: He ensured me, that there was NO PLAN to release this files to the public - Mr. Pollini (for what reason ever) decided to relase it instantly.
Right now the FullSim Crew is trying everything to get the files beeing removed from the server [and I have no resason NOT to belive them - so thanks for that!]
EDIT [2005.10.10]:
  Quote from m4d:
[GENERAL] New M4Driving Director and Coordinator
Date: 09/10/05 @ 7:25 pm
Author: Stefano
7 October is ended the collaboration with Alessandro Pollini alias Alex.
The new M4Driving Director and Coordinator is Stefano Pozzoli alias StefanoM4D for website, forums and games servers.
In the next few days Stefano Pozzoli will communicate directly on this website the names of the Staff components.
Riccardo Chianella
Amministratore Mad4Games
My hopes are now, that Stefano Pozzoli will opperate the webiste in the right spirt.
Allesandro is not responsible for m4driving anymore

I am not sure, if this step is related to this HOS entry
Allesandro Pollini (isa2k@m4d.it)
09 July 05 See 17 Oct 04 - this guy does not stop making money with other's people hard work (that is available for FREE!) - So PLEASE do us ALL a favour and ACT NOW. Send this nasty potthead a email and tell him,. what you think about his attitude! NO REACTIONS YET

12 Apr 05 Well EACH YEAR the same things happens again and again and again... In the past we hade ferraifan01, then we had Molodjo - and so in 2005 there are other "new" respectless guys who have just releases a RIP OFF the RH Season 2004... Well it is no real surpise, that's again www.m4driving.it who is standing in the first row to offer these DAMM LEECHERS a well visited place to offer their STOLEN stuff... It's freaking disapointing!
AlanF1 and Vivis (Vitvese a Alana) offered on a own WEBSITE a 2005 package called even 'BETA_RH2005_(V+A)_1.0' what a shame is that! So do no be a fool! There will be never any public BETA releases of RH.
case closed webmaster@f1ch-sim.wz.cz
17 Oct 04 Selling multiple race game add-ons (Season 2004, ETCC Mod etc.) via EBAY - even if it's said more then once, that these add-ons are FREE and it's not allowed to sell them on any kind of media.
It have been observed for quite a while now - and Tomy have been asked more then ONCE to stop with it - but he simply ignored our Requests. So it might be time, that somebody else will tell him to STOP with it. Since for me it's not acceptable that somebody who is not involved creating any kind of updates is MAKING MONEY with that. And if you get a reply like this:
"Hallo, von Mißbrauch kann keine Rede sein, glaube mir, für die Software verlange ich nichts, nur für die Arbeit!! das sind z.B. das Runterladen (Gebühren) das Brennen (Rohling), die Zeit. das versenden und verpacken!
ich hoffe das ist für dich in Ordnung, habe auch schon von Kollegen von dir diese Mail erhalten, die dann eigentlich nichts mehr dagegen hatten! Vor allen dingen ist das für 56k juser, jeder wird darauf hingewiesen das die Mods kostenlos sind, ich sage ihnen auch wo sie mods runterladen können.
THIS IS ABSOLUT BULLSHIT! I have informed him already 3 month ago, that I do not agree with his point of view and that he should not include any of our work on "HIS" CD/DVD's
Permanently ignoring our request

24 Jun 04 I really did not expect that "this" would be required anymore. But what I noticed few days ago was simply to much.
You all know, that CTDP and RH are working hard on their Season 2004 updates... And the one or the other might be aware that a "guy" called MoLODoJ is offering 10 Season 2004 cars that could be DL in single files and placed on top of RH - almost "everybody" could see, that the textures and shapes look extremely similar to 2003RH... Yesterday I was made aware of a post MoLODoJ (or at least somebody who is working with him) did in a forum which makes pretty clear, that MoLODoJ is stealing RH03 work.
MoLODoJ did not steal anything from 2004 RH or CTDP mods!
MoLODoJ modified 2003RH cars using ZModeler to make 2004 carshapes. So you should consider it as his own modification of 2003RH, and not hacked from upcoming 2004 mods, as some people at F1Gamers.com claim!
So with other words they exactly knows, that what they are doing something that is not "permitted". Since the readme of RH03 is pretty clear in this point:
It's not allowed to use this as source [modified or not] in your own work without the explicit permission ! [This includes the use of this file in any season package without permission.]
MoLODoJ was greatly relieved to have full grid of high quality 2004 cars, at a time when we all are left unknown about when RH will finally be released. It could be tomorrow, as well as end of year! No one knows! So I just can't wait, you know. Half of RH cars was ready I think by the end of february this year, still after half a year no reference as to when it will be released. I think its terrible. Why keep us all waiting till the end of season to receive all at once? Why not release it in march and then simply make updates further during the season?
This really just shows us all, that these guys have no respect at all - but even worse IMHO they does not have a single clue how much work is in a season update. "Of course" when you simply rip off an existing complete package and just add very few files, then you can have "some" result in a short time. But really this is NOTHING anybody of you really want to have. You want to have a simple to install & use additional Season 2004 in your F1C99-02 game - you want to continue playing RH03 even when 04 is released - you want that the previous season shapes does not will pop up in longer distances - you want up2date driver with their performance data - and you want much much more... and all this simply takes time.
When I saw this post I was extremely PISSED - since these guys shows an attitude: When 'RH' can't make it in time (and we say what 'in time' means) then everything is allowed (including leeching our textures and rip off our shapes) and CLAIM it as OUR OWN WORK. Really guys YOU SUCK!

When you want to read a bit more about "using RH stuff without asking for permission we had the "same" discussion last year - when StevieP19 was doing more or less the same as now MoLODoJ does... You can read about it @ the HG forum in the following Threads: 1, 2, 3, 4 [it is very sad, that is every year again another idiot that think, he can do what every he likes to do with stuff that is downloadable somewhere...]

07 Mar 03 For almost 3 month StevieP19 is offering via various web sites "his" Season 2003 Presentation, Test and since today "Australian GP" cars. NONE of the cars he is offering are HIS own work - he slightly modify RH's Season 2002 cars and put them online. We have asked him several times to stop with that. But as it turns out without ANY success.
Yesterday the "previous" site hoster m4driving was so kind to remove his site - but that was still not the end of the sad story - instantly a new page was opened @ www.watkinsons.tele2.co.uk...

A "poll" about if StevieP19's effort is welcome in the community, ...

Other Threads around StevieP19 and this Topic:
more discussion...
and more...
and even more... and it still does not stop

So after all that, he made it here in... I hope you all will help bring this sad story to a final end.

DONE StevieP19
16 Jul 02 Michael Langkemper - F1 2000 downloads webmaster and disigner - Check http://www.f12000downloads.nl
That SITE SUCKS! - Just grab all F1-2001 Files from Bobi and Ralph Hummerich add a "own" README.TXT and claim it as HIS work...

Thank you for visiting F1 2000 downloads and downloading my carsets.
How to install the new carsets:
Unzip the files to the directory of the carset. Then your car has been updated to the 2002 season.
Installing Toyota first delete Prost and then install Toyota, or you will drive with 12 teams.
Michael Langkemper
F1 2000 downloads webmaster and disigner
Check http://www.f12000downloads.nl for new updates
? 2002 Copyright F1 2000 downloads all rights reserved

DONE webmaster@f12000downloads.nl
08 Apr 02 Luca have asked Ralph Hummerich, if he gave him the permission to use the Season 2002 preview Cars for GP3 Season 2000 in a Season 2002 update. Ralph explaind him, that these are JUST preview cars and that he does NOT gave anybody the permission to include these cars in any Season 2002 update.
[QUOTE from Ralph's eMail]
"For your question about the five prerelease-cars: I am sorry, but these cars are only preview versions and are not intended to be part of any carset. Please understand, that I want to release my set first, before I see my work as part of sets from other people."

But if you go to http://digilander.iol.it/lcsimgame/Carset2002.htm you will realize, that Luca does pay any attation on that.


09 Feb 02

Since the 2002 Ferrari was presented LEECHERs UNAUTHORIZED modified versions of Ralph's 2001 Ferrari appears "like mushrooms".
ALL without any Authorization or any mention of the original Designer - totally ignoring the readme's:
"It's not allowed to use this as source [modified or not] in your own work without the explicit permission ! [This includes the use of this file in any carset without permission.]

We do not understand the webmasters who are going to publish these files - it's more then obvious, that these are not original works of Ralph Hummerich - and it's obvious, that the "creators" does not show any RESPECT to the work & properties of others.
[Please webmasters show more responsibility!]

It's even worse - Denis Coutu have used the bmp from Federico Baron ore vice versa... it's really silly!
The Webmaster have delete these files...
Thanks to you all
Edoardo Bottin
The Webmaster have delete these files...
Thanks to you all
Diego Pereira
The Webmaster have delete these files...
Thanks to you all
Frederico have send an excuse - and promised to contact the webmasters... Federico Baron
06 Feb 02 A new YEAR, and of course new sites - and unfortunately also again WEBMASTERS who does not pay any attention to the rights of others. This time the web site http://f12001.relaygames.com/ is directly LINKING files from my web site - of course permission or even asking. I have to PAY for this traffic - without a chance of any income. This can not be tolerated. NO REACTIONS YET
28 Oct 01 Again there is somebody who thinks, that he providing valuable stuff for the GP3 community by coping several work of others together and publish them under his own name... Of course non of the original designers are mentioned in the readme.
Andrea have copied EMAC's MenuArts and have added some old driver pic's (Marques, Frenzen and Alesi)
All this IS already available at EMAC's website. so this file is 100% obsolte. WE have NO idea, why Anread have just copied our work... and ouf course he does not have any permission.
Andrea Morabito
14 Oct 01 Just again another STUPID guy have used Jouko's great Season 2001 MenuArts modified them a little bit (replaced few of the rotating disks with the once of Perran) and "added" TCam's on the cars - that's ALL he DID!
Oh of course he haven't asked Jouko or Perran for permission or have included any information, that his 2hour work is based on others...
This DAMM LEECHER even have NOT included HIS email in the README -> so PLEASE if you see the File somewhere ONLINE please inform the Webmaster, that HE should remove this FILE...
Each Webmaster, where you have seen/downloaded this file [STINGER Pics 2001.zip] should be informed to REMOVE it
30 Sep 01 F***K*** offerig a file called fk_minardi.zip. This file containing Helmet's 99% from EMAC, MenuArts 90% from EMAC and a Minardi Car 95% from Ralph Hummerich. Of course non of this where authorized - and again as "usual" NO Credit's at all - no "BASED ON..." information was included. SHAME ON YOU!

F***K*** have requested all Webmasters to delete his files from theire Filebase

28 Sep 01 Clive Kirsten have used material of various designers like Ralph, Jouko and Bruno and publishing them as OWN work [without ANY credits or even permission] - right now we have seen "minardi901_update.GP3" and a "prost_901.GP3" -> Menus are assabled togehter from Jouko and Bruno... Car is 98% from Ralph Hummerich...

Clive Kirsten have requested all Webmasters to delete his files from theire Filebase

Clive Kirsten
27 Sep 01
Volker Roth is publishing via several Websites MenuArts for "GP3 Season 2000" - unfortunatly he is using SOURCES of other well known Designers like Jouko or Perran WITHOUT any permission of them.
WEBMASTERS PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT SUCH LEECHERS by putting those Files in your Filebase... Thank you!

We have to wait till his next "publications" if he give credits to the original designers of the Parts which he has used from others...

[28 Sep 01] - Volker Roth have requested all Webmasters to delete his files from theire Filebase - Thanks Volker!

Volker Roth have requested all Webmasters to delete his files from theire Filebase - Thanks Volker!

Volker Roth
06 Sep 01 Just so may FILE-Leechers this Month it's really unbelievable, what THEY THINK... NO REACTIONS YET webmaster@add-ons.de
05 Aug 01 It's again CenterMinD who have caught our LEECHER attention - He has just "published" a new Version of "his" 2001 GP3 Extras. This Updated contains UNAUTHORIZED material [Benetton / BAR / Sauber and Minardi] from Ralph Hummerich [even the credits are missing!!!].
In the included ReadMe it was said, that all cars have ben taken [with permission] from the carset from WhiteRacing - but a) Carset from WhiteRacing does not include cars from R. Hummerich and b) James (from WhiteRacing) said missunderstandable, that he has not agreed that CenterMinD is allowed to use WR-Cars in his carset.
07. May 01 Again EMAC have discovered a group of people who does not show ANY respect to the work of others... This group called them self "calchigp3" - and they have already their own web side [www.calchigp3.racesim.net] - they offer an "SuperPatch" which includes Cars & MenuArts and some more Stuff - these Cars are Ralph Hummerich Cars - and the MenuArts are the ones of EMAC. We have never been asked for permission - and even worst when we contact them they where extremely impolite and refused any kind of cooperation. This is just not acceptable. Have STOPPED
no further action required
Thanks to you all
C.Calcante and frinds
??? a Guy call himself "CenterMinD" have published an updated called "Gp3 Extras R2 v4.70" at his homepage http://gp3-extras.n3.net/ - This update contains again unauthorized Material from Ralph Hummerich and other Designers - all without permission! - So please do not support such kind of behavior - if you see this update on other websides, please let the webmasters know, what kind of person this guy is. ??? CenterMinD

If you have any other feedback then please send an email (english please) to feedback@emacf1.com.
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